Wednesday 28 November 2012

The rest is newspaper coverage

It’s been a while coming, but London’s Southbank Centre have finally unveiled the first half of their yearlong The Rest Is Noise festival, based on the themes of Alex Ross’s hugely successful survey of twentieth century classical music. Reaction to the scheduling has pointed out the relatively unadventurous programming of the concert series (though we’ve still to see how this chronological series will tackle the later stretches of the century’s repertoire), which largely sticks to a tried and tested selection of modern classics. The Rambler weighs up the series’ good and bad points, while Intermezzo asks if the £500 festival pass is really the bargain it appears to be.

I looked with interest to the national newspaper coverage of the announcement – after all, that’s where we go for considered arts coverage, isn’t it? – and noted that The Guardian’s piece on the subject consisted of not one word of comment or appraisal of the series’ content. The explanation? “The Guardian is a media partner of The Rest Is Noise festival.”

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Unpredictable Inevitability said...

They could just skip a step and get The Guardian to write the press releases... although I tend to give the paper a pass on their rather annoying relationship with the Southbank, given the breadth of their other coverage.