Monday 20 June 2011

Lady Blunt sells for £8.75 million

Stradivari's 1721 Ludy Blunt violin has sold for a whopping £8.75 million, after an intense 2 hours of bidding which saw almost £3 million slapped on the starting price of £6 million.  Tarisio's auction bidding history shows that two bidders escalted the price between 6.36pm and 8.03pm this evening, with the eventual winning bid being made by 080193XX, an particularly anonymous moniker that gives no clues as to where this increadible instrument will reside.

UPDATE:  The final price of the violin has been revealed as £9.808 million, presumably including auction fees.  Tarisio's press release calls the instrument 'without doubt the best preserved Stradivarius to come on the market in 40 years', and is by some distance a world record for a violin sold at auction.

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