Thursday 23 June 2011

All the Tchaikovsky Competition you could want

Nobody likes competitions, right?  Loads of people playing the same pieces for hours and hours...  Well we certainly like them when they’re streamed FREE over the internet!  We’ll have anything if it’s free.  The International Tchaikovsky Competition organisers certainly think so, as they’ve opted to broadcast the whole thing online for our delectation.  Aren’t they nice?
The competition is in full swing now with the first rounds already out of the way, and there have been a few tricky moments in the early stages.  In the piano competition, star judge Nelson Freire has already pulled out, finding the contest too exhausting.  And former runner up Peter Donohoe apparently found choosing the second round shortlist a little too emotional, saying they are almost all wonderful’.
The four categories (violin, cello, piano, voice) head for their final rounds next week, followed by a pair of winners concerts in St Petersburg and Moscow.  And all this is free and live to watch at the Tchaikovsky Competition’s website.  You might need to download a player when prompted, but as far as I can tell the organisers are as good as their word, offering good quality sound and vision.  The only downside to the whole thing is that each discipline takes place at the same time, meaning you’ll have to choose which to watch.  I’m going to be dipping in this week and concentrating on the final week’s violin contest, bringing you some thoughts on the competitors.

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