Friday 1 September 2017

Now where have I read that before?

How nice to see my words appearing in BBC Music Magazine, though, what's this? They appear to be in quote marks. So now, I'm wondering, if straight quotation from my liner notes makes up a third of the CD review, does that mean I'm owed some of the reviewer's fee? Probably not, though at least I spelled the composer's name correctly.

It's Boris GOLTZ, Michael.


David said...

So what you're implying - and what I see - is that our rather lazy friend has plagiarised you WITHOUT quotation marks as well as quote you WITH? That's bad.

Andrew Morris said...

I *think* so? Though I'm loath to throw the P word around. I think it's generally fine to paraphrase some of the information that accompanies the release - we all add contextual information drawn from what we're given. It just seemed a very blatantly lazy way of upping his word count, and it particularly stuck in my craw given how sniffy he was about the disc.