Wednesday 7 December 2011

5 for December

5 interesting December releases that caught Devil's Trill's eye.

I for one didn't imagine that we'd have Havergal Brian's Gothic Symphony at the Proms; that's precisely what we did get in this year's series, much to the delight of English music nerds everywhere. In the end, I thought it was a tremendous experience live, but not one I'd rush out to again in a hurry. I'm interested to see how Hyperion's live recording of the concert turned out, though, having been stood up in the crowded gallery on the occasion.

Elgar's recordings are fascinating and haven't always been as readily available recently as they should.  No idea what's in it though; Music & Arts's website hasn't been updated for some months and MDT's listing (presumably from the record company themselves) doesn't say either. Don't these people want to sell us things?  You could just buy this really cheap EMI one.

Ernst was a great rival of Paganini and was apparently desperate to discover his secrets. This second volume from Toccata Classics, those archaeologists of the obscure, adds to other recent revivals of Ernst's music.

I've not heard Krzysztof Meyer's music, but his CV is very interesting. He was a pupil of Penderecki and Lutoslawski, and completed Shostakovich's unfinished opera The Gamblers.

Arthur Rubinstein - The Complete Album Collection (Sony)

Seriously wantable.  Prices vary, but I've seen this 144 disc set online for less than £200, which is a bargain by any standards.  Experience shows that these mega Sony behemoths don't hang around long; The 2009 Vladimir Horowitz set has gone from the catalogue, and last year's Heifetz collection is disappearing fast.  So get in early if you want one.  I'm seriously tempted...

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